What do a virgin vagina look like

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Do not attempt to surgically alter your hymen on your own. Normal bleeding the menstrual period varies a lot from woman to woman and usually lasts for three to seven days every month. I'm so confused and embarrassed that I don't know better. When you take those fingers out, and aren't aroused anymore, your vagina is unchanged. I mean I've been fingered by my boyfriend before but never anything else. The skin you can see between your legs on the outside of your genitals is called the vulva. Find a local clinic now.

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The heaviness or lightness of flow has absolutely nothing to do with the vagina, in any way, at all.

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I'm 14, and a virgin, but can fit fingers inside my vagina: is something wrong with me?

Vaginas are muscles, not slack skin. In this state, the hymen completely covers the vaginal opening. For the longer story on the lowdown on vaginas and "looseness" and "tightness," check out these answers and articles:. Following puberty, it is normal to have a milky white discharge without any smell from the vagina. Your organs just need to be healthy, and to feel good to you: Did my previous masturbation de-virginize me? In this case, there is a lower likelihood that bleeding will occur.

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what do a virgin vagina look like
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what do a virgin vagina look like
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