Hustler 6btv antenna manual

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Get on the air! Start at the lowest frequency of the SWR curve and record measurements upward at frequencies through the entire SWR curve. The tubing extending from the inside of the trap is the length to be adjusted using the chart lengths above! See my QRZ page for some pictures if you're interested. I'm especially impressed you used good old hand tools to dig a trench I have the exact same antenna, and like you, get all over the world with it. As with other antenna adjustments, some trial and measurement may be needed. Anyway, congratulations on a successful refurb and a good video and hope you get many more years of good DX with your BTV!

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Start with the 10 meter trap first.

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Installing the Hustler 6BTV - From Start to Finish

Trap Calibration adjustment may void your warranty with a new antenna. K5ACL, I am in the same situation, my shack ground is feet away from my ground rods. Hustler BTV antennas can resonate at frequencies much lower than desired, when installed on very good soil or with a good radial system. Thanks for the video! The notes cover install, hole, and tuneup of the 6BTV. It is a much better practice to follow the minimum SWR point as you make adjustments, to achieve resonance at the correct frequency.

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hustler 6btv antenna manual
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hustler 6btv antenna manual
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