Hustler shotgun antenna

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Very durable, reliable, and not all that much of an eyesore, even when roof-mounted like mine. Merry Christmas, Peace to the world. I started out using high quality RG-8X since I had a nice piece 8 feet long with connectors already on it and it is easy to work with. I think N0AH should have been a politician. You can also buy or build a remote base loading coil to resonate the antenna on 80 and to avoid the coax losses due to high SWR. Ask specific, narrow questions 4. I am also planning on measuring radial current as I increase the length of radials.

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My father had a love for all things antenna too.

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Zero Five antenna

Are two antennas twice as good as one antenna? Be specific on instruments and methods used so that it can aid others reading your report to use later on for their research. This radial field is overlapped by the radial field of my 20 meter phased verticals 16 radials each to be increased to N6PATJan 17, Just once I would like to see "I agree with blah and blah, but have you considered looking at blah in a different way? I have even tried the Radio Shack and it worked quite well.

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hustler shotgun antenna
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hustler shotgun antenna
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