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Personally I'd prefer somewhere in the middle Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Davezk Follow 1 follower 12 badges Send a private message to Davezk. Smtn Follow 0 followers 14 badges Send a private message to Smtn. At least for 30 seconds!

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But just because a guy feels done doesn't mean his partner does that's huge with vaginal intercoursesince while most men will orgasm with that alone, most women will not, and additionally, on average, it takes women longer to reach orgasm than it does mennor that, even if he can't get another erectionthe sex has to be over:

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How do you tell when women are done having sex?

Follow 13 I wanted him to last longer so he didn't feel bad and also so it could be more satisfying! Now, not everyone can ejaculate or orgasm more than once, nor can people who can do those things do them every day or even want to every time they have sex. Although my boyfriend originally came quick he now lasts longer. University of Oxford Replies: Her last two boyfriends could go forever, and she said she found it boring and even a bit offensive.

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