Sperm recovery after hot tub use

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There are many variables in how much and what type of damage is sustained during hot tub usage. He is 39 yrs old. How many men were in you study? So, going back to the rumor mill as regards male fertility, it's important to note that bicycling, the wearing of tight underwear, sweating it out in the sauna, or soaking in a hot tub are not going to render your man infertile. This time, you've chosen to find out about hot tubs. You must be logged in to comment. Quick Links Meet Dr.

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I had read a general anesthetic might affect sperm temporarily?

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Toxic Tubbing

My husband is in a similar situation. These stories intrigued me and led me to publish a study on the effects of hot tubs and baths on male fertility. I doubt the hot baths are still the issue. Similar to overheating your jewels from the outside in a hot tub, fevers cook them from the inside. I will pass the information on throug our fertility blog. A long hot bath could also be.

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