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In the next short while, we will be making a final determination when and where to go ahead with this opportunity, though it is looking favorable for a launch as early as April. I have tried to deal privately with Mr. What you have called an attack or an act of undermining is merely a reproving, correction or rebuking, using the Word of God as the source. That is the Kingdom of God on earth. Please provide solid biblical evidence for what you teach or admit you either don't have the correct answer yet or you are wrong. Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. As station founder and tv host of several of a number of the ministry's productions, DeWert recently resigned as pastor of Victory Church in Lethbridge so he and his wife Joan could devote full time hours to the television station's expansion and development.

The sword is appointed for the wicked, but the righteous will be spared.

False Teacher – Dick Deweert

When it is proven to followers that a leader actually is wrong or has covered up the truth, the followers lose all confidence in that leader. Last time she went they basically said live with it and take advil. I would hope that you are the one responding to my letter, as I think the seriousness of this issue requires your attention, not that of an assistant. Please keep praying for Casey and for his family. It really looks like God is trying to show us something by this miracle.

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