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Sign up Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Chong continued to work in the adult industry for a short while after the documentary came out, directing and starring in films as well as setting up a website. The Nova Scotia native committed suicide Dec. Academically gifted, she majored in Fine Arts and subsequently qualified in web applications development, before retiring from the adult industry completely in Like the underemployed and unemployed across America, the young women struggled with a lack of steady work.

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Suicide Squad? Porn Stars Who Died Under Vague Circumstances

Log in No account? In she completely retired from porn, thanking her fans in a final message on her website that announced, "Annabel is dead and is now replaced full time by her Evil Doppelgangerwho is incredibly bored with the entire concept of Annabel and would prefer to do something different for a change. Former teachers and classmates describe Chong as quiet, intelligent, and studious. Loretta Chen viewed Chong's work in pornography as an attempt to challenge the settled notions and assumptions of viewers about female sexuality and gender boundaries, but was not taken seriously enough. The event also prompted author Chuck Palahniuk to write a novel, Snuffabout a fictional character who aimed to surpass Chong's record by having sex with men. Register Forgot your password?

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asian pornstar dies while having sex
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asian pornstar dies while having sex
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