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I can honestly say I have never wanted to see my mothers boobs. Can a 13 year old see a pg13 film alone in the cinema? By now, I had to close my eyes, because my own orgasm hit like a hurricane. I didn't exactly know the best position to enter her, but she took care of that, and I rested on top of her, our bodies pressing together. In my excitement, I tried to control my heavy breathing as I eyed mom's smooth, shapely legs and bare feet as they paced from the bed, to the closet, then to the vanity. During the final week of camp, I had a face-to-face bout with the elusive Wild Pussy. I walked around the corner and she was facing up the stairs.

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Mom, they are boobs! You have them too!

There before me lay a cute little patch of brown fur. I need to wear a bra but how can i get my mom to buy me a bra or hint her that i need it? At first, I thought my mother had an itch in her pubic hair. One morning, my secret pastime was almost discovered. As I watched, she kept rubbing and rubbing.

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  1. I swear this video has been on the trending page since it came out a month ago. Porn of the year.