Peeing on a jellyfish sting

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In this episode, Joey remembered seeing a documentary that advised urinating on the sting to ease the pain. If you don't know for sure what gave the sting, treat with vinegar to neutralise stinging cells If vinegar is not available, pick off remaining tentacles and rinse with seawater Don't rinse with fresh water, as this can cause residual stinging cells to fire A cold pack in a dry plastic bag will help with pain If the patient has more than a localised sting or looks or feels unwell, call triple-0 and ask a lifeguard for help Source: Teen dies, 16 other people hospitalised after suspected rave party overdoses. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. America's Most Revolutionary Artist. When you're first stung by a jellyfish, you've only taken on a fraction of the venom, with the remaining 90 per cent or so still contained in stinging cells sticking to your skin.

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And before you ask:

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Jellyfish stings in the tropics: Should you really wee on a box jelly or irukandji sting?

Connect with ABC News. Monica agreed to try the treatment and it worked. No wonder Parliament is dysfunctional … look at the building. Back in all the friends from that eponymous television show trekked to the beach, only to witness a jellyfish sting Monica. And yet, the most common first-aid guidelines not only fail to ease the pain, they can even make the sting worse. Treating them with something alkaline — or even just with fresh water — causes them to fire, injecting you with even more venom.

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peeing on a jellyfish sting
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peeing on a jellyfish sting
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