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I guess the "dumb bitch" remark is clearly projection. Back when she first started her model mayhem profile and was roomates with the girl who worked at the arcade, the time where all those "leaked nudes" were taken. Being a gross slacker is not a synonym of having crippling depression. Most people on this thread are actually trying. All she does is damage everything around her. Your sylabus seems like the natural progression of topics we talked about ex:

What can I say, men are spineless retards when it comes to getting their condoms wet.

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Sage for blogpost but I saw her book "crash override" in a local liberal-ass bookstore, I bought it. So yeah she's a cow because malingering. Quit it with the infighting, someone give me some more drama about this STD-riddled dumpster fire of a human being. It's pretty embarrassing, really, the level of abjection I reached. I wanna say a few days after he said some other stuff too.

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