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Van then answers a call on his briefcase video phone. But, what did our beloved Beth do to deserve this? You will have to adapt or die, because eventually Hollywood will find the next Katherine Heigl and supplant the old one. The passenger emerged from the vehicle — she was young and dressed inappropriately, drinking beer … and obviously out for a good time. Published Jul 25, at 3: Just as the last goon drops dead from his sniper post, Jack and Drifter haul ass out of town.

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Naked babe lifts her pelvis and allows the camera to tease her, make love to her, adore her.

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Hot brunette with big tits gets banged hard on a motel room bed. I just wish Heigl would gain some confidence and bounce from the ghetto of rom-coms, or at least poorly written, blandly formulaic ones. She's stunningly beautiful—a chiseled, unrepentant killer in thigh high boots. Allen Johnson of the San Francisco Chronicle rated it four out of five stars and called it "an agreeable time passer" where the stars appear to be having a fun time. Angela Pietropinto as Mama Morelli. Sexy babe leans back and throws her legs behind her head so he can fuck her twat in missionary position with all of the power that she craves.

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