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Initially the military responded by wheeling out the Colt Model P in. Three of the five fbi had 9mm weapons which proved useless. The FBI report specifically pointed out several things. And that was the reason I carry a gun for protection against big bully like you. Ft Collins, CO — - Ammoland.

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To design a bullet to expand, you have to predict the impossible.

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Case Closed: FBI Says 9mm Is The Best Pistol Round

You made a very valid point since the 9mm hasan entire history of failures including the recent Cincinnati bank shoot out where a medium to small frame woman was shot 12 times with 9mm gr. Hicock also recommends the kel Tec pf And yes accuracy is of primary importance, a hit with a 22 is better then a miss with a 50 cal. There is no doubt that a 45, 10mm or have more stopping effect then a 9 or Historically the heavier bullets in hand guns have typically been more accurate according to the FBI before they suddenly changed their mind!

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new high penetration pistol caliber
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new high penetration pistol caliber
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