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It was all in character. Phoenix is the only one able to breathe some light and life into the script and his scenes are the only ones worthwhile watching. Perhaps The budget for transport had to be cut severely after they paid this agent killer off. There is particularly one scene that I disliked: Phoenix formed the band, Aleka's Attic, in

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He scolded the shit out of me.

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To do more Shakespeare, perhaps? Although I know so well that this great icon made a lot of movies that didn't deserve his great talent at all. That was terrible of me. Lynch is blackmailing the Soviets for big bucks to stop bumping off the deep cover spies. Well the parents botch the hand off and wound the bad KGB agent killer and some Mexicans being deported make off with the money and cross the border with it, no questions asked. That is how you get into one of the military academies, you have to be nominated then impress enough people in the interview process. In a film that is undeserving of such talent River Phoenix comes away unscathed.

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