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The author would like to thank you for your continued support. BUT the landlady is officially changing the dress code rules. A minor hazard, comparatively. Unless I completely disremember, he's more than easy on the eyes. I rolled away from him, flopping onto my back to stare at the ceiling in wonder.

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Jake pulled the sheet up over me, and I snuggled close into his side, my head in the hollow of his shoulder.

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Jacob Black Quotes

Y'know, so you don't have to get soaked at the bus stop. His face, what I could see of it, was taut with concentration as he worked me over with tongue and teeth; my eyes fluttered shut, my heart pounded, all awareness swirled to center on the sensations he was provoking. My climax had scarcely started to ebb when he shifted, lowering me to the bed, nudging my legs apart, and plunging into me. There was just one thing …. After all, I'd been so sure how things would turn out between me and-and … what's-his-name. Throughout the afternoon and into the evening, I would turn and catch that look in his eyes. Two days later, Jacob moved in.

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