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Ana Maria Bustos Second issue featuring Ana Maria Bustosa Latina who has grown a pair of gigantic gazongas with the help of an ancient idol. It's Breast Expansion and Butt Expansion via huge silicone implants!!! But the birthday fun turns serious when massive muscle woman Dana from Ms. With her hulking figure, triple M cup bust and biceps the size of battleship anchors, she was well suited to busting heads in rowdy bars. This story fills a request made on the Members Request Board. She's used it to give herself massive monster titties and also to induce enormous tit growth in others. Before long he's having fun with a muscle bound genie babe.

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Art & Fantasy

To see more of his work or commission him to create artwork go check out his deviantart page at http: And poor Connie watches as Frank ogles other big boob bimbos. They've caught up with her, but her karate skills and muscle growth power prove too much for the two of them to handle! Big clit Fbb Masturbation Milf Bodybuilder. It's Breast Expansion and Butt Expansion via huge silicone implants!!!

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sexy muscle babe comic
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sexy muscle babe comic
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